Friday, February 18, 2011

A new toy

Well, I am a bit early for my once-a-year Blogger post. But hey, I have something to post. I went out and bought a new bike today. A 2009 Kawasaki Versys. This bike was actually a new hold-over, and was picked up with only 1 mile on it. I had originally gone in to check out a used 2008, but with the Kawi incentives this weekend the new bike would up being about the same price as the used.

First, some pics:



First I have to say I love the ergos on this thing. The Ninja 500R wasn't bad in far as comfort goes, but I found the forward lean to be a strain on my elbows and back. The Versys is much more upright. I plan on lowering the peddles slightly to increase the comfort even more. The seat needs a bit of work to provide more cushion, but that will not be hard to accomplish.

The only problem at the moment is the seat height. This is a very tall bike. The seat is over 33" high. As I have a 30" inseam on a good day, this obviously makes it a bit challenging to ride. I am pretty much on my toes right now. Unfortunately I have already laid it down as a result. A bit of scuffing on the bar end and clutch lever, nothing really on the farings. My ego was bruised a bit when a Connie rider had to show me how to pick the thing back up, but whatever. I will be ordering a lower kit that should take care of the height issues.

Well, that's not the only problem. The oil light was on when I first picked it up, and the dealer assured me it was fine and it would go out. It did, for a while. At about 35 miles in, it came back on and didn't go out again. When I got the bike home Cindy helped my check out the oil level and it appears to be over-filled. I'll be taking it back in tomorrow morning to correct the issue.

I have lots of plans for this bike, though. Hopefully I'll be able to start making some decent trips on it.

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